MACD Indicator Strategy

MACD indicator strategy


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The essentials of the MACD indicator strategy and how this winning binary options trading strategy can help you make more profitable investments.


The definition of MACD

By definition, the MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence. It is an indicator used in trading and a technical analysis tool.

The MACD indicator strategy has become a useful trading tool among new traders in recent years due to the accurate indications it provides the traders. There are some misleading notions attached to it as traders place their entire predictions on this one indicator only.

It is however a fascinating concept, but traders should use more than one technical analysis tool before making an investment especially in highly volatile markets such as the binary options market.

As opposed to many other analytic tools the MACD indicator strategy indicator is a bit different as the indication lines are not straight and the trader is always looking at three indicators at a time.


MACD Indicator Strategy


The mechanics of the MACD indicator strategy


The MACD indicator strategy shows the difference between two exponential quantities moving averages. The consequent part is that of the signal line. The traders employ the MACD like a crossover. When MACD crosses a signal line, the traders will than either buy or sell an asset based on the cross.

MACD is quite a reliable indicator and many expert binary options traders employ the MACD indicator strategy in their daily trading. This indicator assists the investor in confirming the initial trade setups. The stock traders as well as binary options traders both rely on this indicator for their successful daily trading.


How to become a successful trader

In order for you to become a very successful trader you must first understand the pitfalls most investors fall in when they first start investing.

There is a reason for the trading failure of most stock traders and binary options traders. The primary reason is the trader’s lack of patience in trading which leads to failure. The traders lack the patience of the initial trade setup, they usually wait for an hour, day or for a few minutes for a signal to appear.

On other occasions, when they succeed in a profitable prediction, they will cash in on the profit much too early on and by doing so they will give up a sizeable amount of the overall trading profit.

Cashing in early on a profitable trade or two is also a type of binary options trading strategy that works well for new traders, it will however reduce the overall portfolio profits if an investor applies this trading strategy all the time.

To a non patient trader, profits will be hard to come by but by making good use of the MACD indicator strategy which has been designed for this type of trader, the profitable trades will be higher and made more frequently.


The Main Advantage of the MACD indicator strategy

The MACD indicator strategy will force or make the trader wait for the appropriate time before entering a trade, this will delay the trade until the best time for the trader to enter a winning trading position.

The MACD indicator strategy is useful in binary options trading and other financial markets such as the forex and the stock trading market alike.

In many strategies and other indicators, the trade entrance point is not shown to the investor. In case of the MACD indicator strategy, it will indicate to the trader when to apply the trade at a very specific time of entry and by doing so the trader is prevented from losing money by going against the overall market movement.

In many cases, the trend is allowed to follow on when it is depleting; but MACD opposes such strategies. Thus, the trader doesn’t trade on a fading trade as it can reverse.


MACD indicator strategy – A Precise Trading Tool

The MACD indicator strategy is the amalgamation of two stirring averages. It negates the market noise and works as a precise tool. As long as the trader is working with this indicator tool and applies the basic rules associated with utilizing it, its precise mathematical formula and how it is calculated isn’t needed at all.

The complex formula is employed by software designers and programmers.


MACD movements on a chart

The histograms of the MACD indicator strategy change to a blue color when there is an upward market movement and when the assets movement is in a downward trend the indicator color turns red.

As in all other financial market trends, the upward movement of an asset is bullish and the downward movement is known as being bearish.


Broad application of the MACD indicator strategy

Thus, the MACD indicator strategy can be employed for all asset classes across a wide spectrum of different time zones. However, as mentioned in many previous trading strategies and articles on this site, using one indicator will usually not be enough for successful trading.  

Using a second indicator can always work in a trader’s favor. The expert traders will usually implement a few strategies and indicators at once to get a clearer market picture. For a new comer to the trading markets, the use of more than two or three indicators at a time will results in data confusion and will probably end up in a bad trade.


Technical info on the MACD

The MACD indicator strategy is built up of a difference of 12-26 exponential moving averages. MACD shows the difference from 26 and 12 and displays it on the headline.

The MACD indicators have an additional line which is the exponential moving average of main line. The moving average is a number set to 9 and is known as signal line.


To Conclude

The MACD indicator strategy is a very effective trading tool and can tremendously assist the new and expert traders alike in making profitable investments by entering a trade at the best time.

For a new trader this tool will undoubtedly take out the risk involved in trading and the uncertainty involved in making the important decision of when to enter a trade.

Make good use of this tool and you will undoubtedly see a huge positive increase in your binary options trading profits.

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