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Stop Loss Strategy


Stop Loss StrategyStop Loss Strategy  is a strategy commonly used in trading, whether it is binary option trading or forex trading. The stop loss strategy is used as a safe proof system if the stock or share decides to drop instantly without fair warning, the stop loss strategy is also used for taking trading profit and is most commonly used by the skilled and experienced traders.


Before you even think of starting to trade in any particular market, you must first pay considerable attention to the way you approach your monetary organization technique.


This will involve allocating sufficient capital to your trades and determining how much of your hard earned money you are willing to trade at any given time. You also have to devise a suitable trading strategy that will allow you to get a reasonable opportunity to make a good return on your initial investment.


On the other hand the stop loss trading technique also means that you consider how much you are willing to initially risk on each trade and by that utilizing your damage control techniques.

Risk to profit ratio


A satisfactory ratio of risk to profit is a one to three ratio meaning that you are willing to risk one dollar in order to make three dollars in profit, ($3 : $1 ratio). Using this ratio in your trading strategy will considerably enhance the profit level in your trading account and will allow you to reach at least three times the profit of the amount you are willing to trade.


Using this trading strategy means that in order for you to be able to make sure you will generate profitable trades over time, you should only risk one part of your trade to three parts profit (3:1).


As a trader you can by no means disregard this important investing trading strategy take unneccessary risks and you may even strike it lucky and make a considerable amount of money in profits, however, if you do not engage in a money management with the stop loss strategy you may put your money in danger and incurr big losses.


The Stop Loss Strategy is a way of looking after and controlling your money and should not be underestimated, the bigger and most professional traders all have money management and all use the stop loss strategy.


As a trader you should also use the stop loss strategy and as difficult as it may be you have to know when a trade is going in the wrong direction and cut your losses, not every trade is profitable and this is where the 3 : 1 ratio strategy comes in.

Money management

Using the stop loss strategy of the money management method, you need to think about how much of your initial investment you will be willing to risk depending on your available finances.


This meticulously translates into the amount of trade roll that you will be willing to disclose towards your market position. Once you have made that initial decision, you may able to use the necessary tool regarding your risk management in the stop loss strategy.

The stop loss strategy for a sure profit


The stop loss strategy allows you as a trader to scoop your profits when a market decides to suddenly change direction. This simply means that if you are in a profitable trade you can set the stop loss strategy so if the trade you are in suddenly goes against you, the stop loss kicks in and you are in a position where you have a sure profit.


There are numerous ways of identifying where you can position the stop loss strategy. It may depend on the previous movement of the stock and market trend or just mainly over a hypothetical amount of money related with the profits that you can keep.


Another way of identifying the placing of the stop loss strategy is using technical analysis whether it is your own or from an expert. The technical analysts usually offer additional and reliable information for the trader to evaluate and determine their stop loss strategy level.


There are many indicators out there that a trader can exploit in order to help them decide, skillfully, where they can their stop loss strategy and as a new trader you should always explore new tools to help you trade.

Taking the profits


One of the most important issues as a trader in these volatile markets is being able to understand when you should get out of a trade. This particular stop loss strategy should be made before you place your first bet.


Taking the profit and not getting ravenous for a larger profit will separate you from the rest and will make you a better trader.
Whatever the profit stage you may be at, always stay firm with the stop loss strategy and the amount of cash you are willing to return to the market.